online presence

How Important is a Positive Online Presence?

“Digital Footprint” is the trail of data a person creates on the Internet.  This includes your social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, ...
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social graces asr

Benefits of Social Graces and Personality Development to Philippine Army Personnel

Our soldiers are well-trained to fight and defend our country. But this doesn't mean, they are not mindful of their ...
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executive presence at pcci

The Impact of Executive Presence on Business at the PCCI Las Piñas Christmas Party

It was an honor to speak on Sustaining Wellness of the Business at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry ...
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Coffee Talk Journey

Honoring the Members of Your Family

Simplifying your life requires de-cluttering. This means letting go of a few stuff to free up some space. My minimalist ...
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decluttering your heart

Eight Steps to Decluttering your Heart

Decluttering is one way of following the Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle. Before you throw away those unusable items in your closet, ...
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4 steps to decluttering

Four Steps to Decluttering

The Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle that I recommend is about intentional living. It is about decluttering the mind and heart of ...
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Celebrating Special Moments at La Chevrerie Resort and Spa

Every year, we celebrate our anniversary at Baguio. It’s kinda yearly routine for me and my husband to travel up ...
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Ms. TM In Brunei: A Full Day City Tour

I'm a believer that a visit to any new city calls for a tour. Booking a guided tour to start you ...
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Ms. TM Discovers the Beauty of Brunei

Earlier this year, I took several days off to visit a few Asian countries with my classmates from the Academy ...
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Organic Everyday at Earth Origins Marketplace + Cafe

One of the main reasons why I started this blog is to be able to share my advocacy of health ...
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The Energy Kitchen Brunei

Sometimes, discovering more about a certain place does not involve walking around to see the sights. Sometimes, it's your taste buds that ...
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Discovering Tsukada Nojo Manila’s Beauty Hot Pot

I like to give myself some me-time, and some time for my blog, too, at the start of the week. On ...
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Aliw’s Achievement

Bible Verse: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not ...
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My Lasik Experience At Asian Eye Institute

I lost my eye glasses again last September. This is probably the fourth time that it's happened to ...
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Boosting Health with Izumio Hydrogenized Water

Water, as we all know, is a vital element of life. Living creatures will not flourish without it ...
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