I am a motivational speaker, image strategist, transformational coach and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you discover the joys of rediscovering the real you by living a radiant minimalist lifestyle.

If you are tired of the mess and clutter of your life and want to break free from a crazy cycle, you are not alone.



I am a motivational speaker, image strategist, transformational coach and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you discover the joys of rediscovering the real you by living a radiant minimalist lifestyle.

If you are tired of the mess and clutter of your life and want to break free from a crazy cycle, you are not alone.

If you are like most of the people who visit this site, you know that there is more to life. You know that you can achieve more— that you can still level-up and shine out of the real you!

So what’s the problem? So why aren’t you listening to your inner voice?

You want to enjoy a thriving life where you’ve accomplished your goals and finished a personal bucket list. But it looks like there’s something in the way.

Instead of feeling frustrated repeatedly, it’s time for a change.

I get you! I understand you!
That’s how I was before!

When I went through life’s ups and downs, I realized that my life is not about me. I saw how important it is to make God the center of my family. My role as a wife and mother is critical because God has called me to be faithful in these roles.

My journey taught me a tough yet important lesson. A broken family creates repercussions that will last a lifetime. It has a lasting effect on each family member, as well as friends and other people close to us. Through all those experiences, I learned that a good family relationship determines the true success of an individual.

I used to think that I was a self-made woman. I defined success in 4Ps: profit, possessions, popularity and position. And because of this, I lived a stressful life riddled with sin. I was always busy and my schedule was full of activities. My hectic life changed when I went through hysterectomy in 2016. After this major event in my life, I began searching for my life’s purpose. I started decluttering my life, especially my heart.

This is when I started living The RADIANT Minimalist Lifestyle intentionally. I let go of all negativity and went through a journey of letting go. It was not easy. I bought books, enrolled in minimalism classes and enrolled in minimalist life coaches. It was a daily journey of consistency, discipline and self-control.

That's when God re-introduced Himself to me.

He made me see that I was too focused on myself. The Lord reminded me that I was made by Him and for Him. My life is all about The Lord using my life for His purpose and not the other way around. It’s about becoming the woman that He created me to be.

There is nothing in my life that God didn’t care about— yes, even the bad moments. This is why I hold onto Romans 7 and 8 so dearly. I am now living the new life God has given me through the grace of Jesus Christ. And I want to help others discover their purpose and meaning as well by using the gifts and experiences God has given me.

My purpose


As the RADIANT Minimalist QUEEN, I am the queen of my life and my home. Yet for years, I lived a messy and chaotic life. Then, I discovered the need to declutter my home and my heart.

That’s when I started living like a true queen.

I realized living a cluttered life is no longer fitting for a queen.  I made a choice to embrace my authenticity and remove all my idols, clutters and distorted views of myself, GOD and success.


That includes your identity, talents, personality, and most importantly, your heart. I believe that whether you run your own business or not, your extraordinary confidence will enable you to face unprecedented times.  The empowered version of yourself will shine and create influence, impact and income, which in turn will create a creative and entrepreneurial approach. This is critical if you want to fully blossom in the modern world.

The world might tell you “It’s too late.” That’s not true. As long as you are alive, there is still hope for change.

You have the power to change your life. You just need the will to do so, followed by the right training and insights and plenty of prayers.                              

Toni Miranda Family

My Family

My greatest inspirations are my husband and my two children. I love spending time with them because we can all hang out together like friends. My husband and I enjoy sharing our stories to our children, from our childhood memories to our life experiences, and really just laugh and talk about everything.

I also love this stage where I can cultivate this wonderful relationship with my two grown children. We share fun moments together and talk about our personal challenges. I guide them as they navigate their own lives and inspire them to be better versions of themselves. Likewise, they teach me how to become a better mother. Together, we help each other shine.

Our family loves to travel and discover new places like restaurants and vacation spots. Traveling encourages us to widen our perspectives and learn about the world and the people.  

We believe that our family was called to bless others. Keeping our family grounded on the one true foundation — Jesus Christ — we make Him the center of our lives by committing to glorify and serve Him in everything that we do.

I hope and pray that through my personal testimony and radiant lifestyle advocacy, readers will be refreshed and encouraged to take a leap of faith to live a minimalist lifestyle: a life that trusts God. My goal is to help you surrender it all to discover the fullness of life that only He can provide.


I’m here to serve. My company, Radiance Image Consultancy is the committed partner of professionals in continuously developing the soft skills of distinct leaders who positively inspire and influence their organizations inside and out.

Our team is built on bedrock of passion; we want to build you up so you can build others.

Through our courses, online training programs and anything else we offer, we are in it to make a difference. To help you establish executive presence and a God-centered confidence — that is one of my greatest goals.

Whether you’re looking to improve your career or wanting to be a leader in your company, we’re here to help you reach your potential. We are here to help you level-up your leadership influence and image branding.

Toni Miranda


Yes, this is a business but this is a business dedicated to your transformation. By profession, I am a Professional Speaker, Soft-skills trainer and Transformational Coach.  I am also a Philippine motivational speaker, image strategist, and your partner in helping you rediscover who you truly are. Whether it’s your professional development or personal development, Ms. TM is at your service.

With unique and thought-provoking keynotes, breakouts, and online training programs, I offer comprehensive training for the following:

  • Male and Female leaders
  • Sales and customer-facing roles
  • Entry-level employees to C-Suite executives

We’ll walk you through the fundamentals of decluttering to live a minimalist lifestyle, have resilience, develop extraordinary confidence, creating your vision, goal setting, level-up your influence, turning your dreams into reality while living a deeply rich and meaningful life.


I’m not saying I’m the perfect person who has all the answers. Like you, I make mistakes, too. But I want to help you.

My commitment is to teach you while keeping it real and honest as I go. So, you won’t be bombarded with picture-perfect fantasies. You will face plenty of thought-provoking insights, wisdom and guidance — all of them designed to help you live a meaningful life.   

May this be the beginning of a fruitful relationship between you and our team. Let us learn from one another and make sure we will all grow to our full potential. Make sure you become one of our TM Radiant Insiders – just click here and enter your name and email.

Connect with me anytime you wish! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. You can also follow my blog to read up on the latest content.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

Toni Miranda Testimonial


As a professional keynote speaker and trainer, Toni Miranda is a Personal Development and Motivational Speaker based in Manila, Philippines. She specializes in personality and professional development, soft-skills training, image management, leadership empowerment, mind-setting and self-transformation. She is the sought-after speaker in empowering individuals and unleashing the greatness of an individual.

No matter the format or group size, she is eager to share her knowledge with audiences who are willing to learn. During her seminars and talks, she takes her audiences on engaging and entertaining journeys that reveal how they perceive themselves and how they perceive others.

As a motivational keynote speaker based in the Philippines, she educates and inspires people by helping them acquire the following:

  • The Power of Resilience
  • Developing Extraordinary Confidence in Extraordinary Times
  • Influential Leadership in Unprecedented Times
  • Level-up your Brand Image for Influence, Impact and Income
  • Work Ethics and Professionalism
  • Impactful Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Rediscover The Real You!

For over 20 years, Toni Miranda’s niche in the said field has drawn the attention of businesses and company owners, HR Managers, event organizers, social groups and government institutions and non-profit organizations. 

Toni is a relationship builder. Her strong relationship building skills have made her into a professional keynote speaker and image strategist who is capable:

  • Delivering content-rich and quality presentations
  • Surprising participants with unexpected yet very interactive training methods
  • Being easy to work with
Toni Image Strategist 2


Toni’s vision is to be an agent of transformation, influencing families, government, and corporate leaders across the nations through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Toni aims to help individuals and corporate groups to live influential yet minimalistic and purposeful lives through the transformation of their minds, bodies and spirits. She is passionate about inspiring and teaching leaders through soft skills development programs. By building your confidence, she helps you establish a powerful presence that Inspires, Influences and Leads.

Why Toni Is Your Leadership Trainer of Choice

If you are looking for an inspirational speaker in the Philippines, Toni is at your service.

Toni is a world-certified Image Strategist, and Executive Coach and Speaker, with over 20 years of experience in the corporate and retail industry. She has certifications from the prestigious London Image Institute, Academy of Image Mastery and Illustra Business School in the US.

Her subject matter of expertise is self-transformation inside and out, mind-setting, strengthening the impact of leadership, improving the customer experience and increasing productivity.

Toni Miranda Training

She currently holds an International Certification of Certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI-CIC). She is also a Certified Points of You Practitioner in the Philippines and a Haggai International Leader.

Currently, she is the Vice President of Network for Enterprising Women (NEW). She is also the President at the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS), the Previous-President of Business Network International (BNI) Makati Genesis Chapter, and the Previous-Vice President of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI Philippines).

Toni has been invited in various tv and radio shows and served in numerous functions in various conferences such as the ASEAN Women Empowerment. She has also been a resource speaker in professional group conventions, women’s conventions, and various schools and religious bridging events. She is a trusted corporate and group trainer of various leading corporations from different industries.

Toni possesses a realistic view of the evolving corporate world and empathy for professional challenges. She refines your strengths and helps you implement desired changes to present your most effective image. Her custom-tailored presentations and training programs reveal practical and useful knowledge, enabling you to implement simple changes that enhance your image, reflecting your vision, goals, and lifestyle.  

Toni maintains her minimalist lifestyle blog, toni.ph. She makes time for fitness and wellness. She also volunteers as a life coach and marriage counsellor together with her husband in their church ministry. She is a joyful wife and a fulfilled mother. She loves to travel with her husband and two adult children.


She specializes in the following subject matters:

  • Strengthening the Impact and Influence of Leadership. Toni unleashes the inner leader in every person by teaching them the right mindset to value their leadership. Her methods focus on coaching clients on how to properly influence their team.
  • Improving Customer Experience.  Customer service is the heart of every successful business. Toni improves business productivity by teaching her clients the right mindset on the basics of effective customer service.
  • Increasing Productivity and Profitability. The secret to greater profit starts with a productive team. Toni helps businesses achieve better profitability by building a more productive office.

Ms. TM helps clients hone these qualities by offering her signature Programs, which include the following:

  • The Power of Executive Presence. Standing out is essential to hitting your professional career goals. Toni takes clients behind the science of influence and helps them build a stronger and more impactful presence. This includes Image Enhancement, Presentation Skills, Non-verbal Communication, Etiquette, and other various Image Branding Programs.
  • LEADERSHIP BRANDING. Our program teaches you how to create a leadership brand that strengthens your impact and influence, as well as gain your audience’s trust. Establish a personal vision by establishing a stronger personal brand.
  • Work Ethics and Professionalism. Toni emphasizes on the importance of good work ethics to help clients maintain harmonious relationships and professionalism in the office.
  • Personal Development Master classes, Corporate Retreats and Image Transformation Program. Toni further improves her clients by offering classes focused on developing personality and professionalism.
  • Professional Wellness Retreats. Toni’s helps professionals Discover The Secrets To A Well-Rounded And Extraordinary Life Inside And Out.
  • Team Building Programs. Toni’s team strengthening programs are designed to build a transformative team that will work together to achieve your business’ goals. Together with Radiance, you can establish a team that sticks together through thick and thin.

If you need an image strategist, motivational speaker, or corporate trainer, you may get in touch with Toni Miranda through Radiance Image Consultancy.

Toni Miranda as Lifestyle Coach


Are you tired of always worrying? Are you looking for a simpler way to live life? Do you just want everything to be organized? Do you wish to discover your true self?

Toni can help you out.

She is a life coach trained to help clients unleash their inner potential by discovering their inner beauty. Unlike other coaches, Toni does not believe in a one-size-fits all approach. She tailors training according to your goals and needs.

Each client is a beauty queen in Toni’s eyes. Her ultimate goal as a life coach is to help you live freely and shine more.


Image consultants in the Philippines do more than teach you how to dress the part; we also help our clients build stronger personal and visual brands through impression management. Apart from improving your appearance, we fine tune communication and behavioural skills. After all, it’s not just about how you look; it’s about how you show up.

So, how can image consultant Toni Miranda be of service?

Toni can guide you in how you present yourself to your best advantage, as well as in expressing your highest potential. Whether you are a C-Suite individual or a business, whether you work from home or not, she can coach you on the following areas:

  • Behaviour
  • Physical appearance
  • Communication

Image consulting builds influential leaders by focusing on different areas of personal branding. Toni addresses all areas by offering the following services:

  • Etiquette consultations
  • Wardrobe consultations
  • Image branding
  • Image motivational presenter or speaker
  • Executive presence coach


Toni’s personal advocacy is radiant minimalism. She has a strong desire to lead women and build them up as minimalist influential leaders in their own right.

Her concept of minimalism is not about self-deprivation. Instead, it is a freeing journey of removing distractions, learning to prioritize and letting go. Through her seminars and classes, Toni promotes freedom that guarantees peace and unspeakable joy. By clearing away obstacles that hinder you to achieve a life of minimalism focused on yourself, your family and God.

Toni’s ultimate objective is to help women regain their confidence by freeing them from the “clutter” that controls their lives.


Embracing a minimalist beauty lifestyle is a struggle for many. In the case of Toni’s life, she simplified hers by making the right choices. She never thought she could downsize her personal possessions and wardrobe, but she did. Her home is more neat and clean today. She was able to make room, literally and figuratively, for new possibilities. Ms. TM changed the way she defined beauty and surrendered to God’s definition, which is the beauty that emanates from within.

And she firmly believes that you can do it, too.

Toni Miranda


Today, Toni may be a trusted image consultant in the Philippines, but before, she also struggled with living her best life. More than a decade ago, she was frustrated with her dual life, overwhelming financial problems and crazy life cycle. She was personally trapped in a secular image of beauty and confidence, believing that having the things of this world will guarantee her happiness and security.

This type of mindset created clutter in her life. She had to deal with traumatic childhood experiences, cope by committing adultery and excessive shopping and endure the reality of bitterness, shame and pride.

She tried to solve her problem by putting up different businesses, buying expensive books and enrolling in expensive master classes. All of them, however, did not give her the satisfaction she desired.

That was when she decided to reinvent herself. Her personal re-discovery was a unique blend of psychology, science, biblical truth and a 3-part proven system — all of which she applies to her services today.

Toni can help you reinvent yourself, too. Her personal experience motivates her to help others and build them up into bold and confident influential leaders.

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to fully maximize your life for a meaningful purpose that leaves a lasting legacy? Then let Toni, a trusted influential leadership speaker in the Philippines, help you.

You can read Toni’s blog posts to learn more or have her join you in your journey by starting here.

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