Toni Miranda is passionate about building strong relationships with the people she works with, particularly her clients. She prefers not to talk much about her work but her clients and their satisfaction levels speak for her.

See the people Toni had the privilege of speaking to! Check out her list of clients, as well as what they have to say about her services.


& Testimonials

   One of the biggest lessons I learned was The BRAND MAP -
it was really an eye opener. I had to unlearn what I previously knew about this.
The masterclass helped me craft a brand map in the truest sense of the word.
It is still work in progress but I know it will better define my career trajectory.
Thank Ms. Toni!

Hazel Guardian

“Just timely. I'm so thankful I was able to enroll and used my time
more productively in learning the importance of Personal Branding in my current business.”

Amelia Gan

“ILM improved my leadership journey a lot as a teacher to lead my students
in a Godly way and to my colleagues to inspire them to be cooperative with me as a leader.”

Dasiy M. Orcine

“I became confident and embedded in my system a winning culture. 
My love for work and the people I worked with became more valuable to me as they are the
true competitive advantage of the organization entrusted to an inspiring leader.
ILM made me see my worth and God's purpose for my life.
Where I am now is where God wants me to be to lead with or without a title.
To inspire others and to inspire a legacy.” 

Juliet B Saavedra

“It helped me understand myself better.
By knowing what my strengths are and what it means and it also gave me a
better understanding how my past experiences influenced who I am now and
what I can do about it in a constructive way.”

Iris Guardian

This is it ! This is an excellent program that I attended. I am always excited to join.
The program fed me spiritually, mentally, emotionally. It was an all-in-one package.” 

Allen Ong Dilig

“I was very shy and hesitant. But after going through the sessions,
I came to realize my confidence should only come from one source and that is Christ.
I feel like I’m a change being. What a way to come out from this lockdown period.
Thank you so much Ms. Toni Miranda!” 

Jovi Ariane Pagalunan

“This 21 days Extraordinary Confidence Program has helped me realize that it is never too late to start all over again.
We should learn how to face our fears, admit all our mistakes and wrongdoings, 
be objective why we committed them, and learn how these experiences affect our current stance.
Only by then, we can realize that these circumstances are merely blessings in disguise
so as to be a better version of yourself with the help of God's Grace.”

Athena D. Awayan-Lat M.D.

“The course has opened my self awareness, my distorted view of confidence and found the truth and eternal source of confidence. The course also tought me how to walk the confidence. Being honest, knowing the abilities and accepting the limitation are the character of people with extraordinary confidence. The posting assignment and comment are one of the practices of being confidence. The way Ms. Toni brought the online course, her eye contact, body gesture, voice of tone, appearance, Live and raw all represent the extraordinary confidence. Those were teaching and encouraging me to be confidence.” 

Yuliana Wisna Simarmata

“Thanks to this course, I realize that for me to have that extraordinary confidence I need to be anchored on the right source which is Jesus Christ!  I learned that true confidence is meekness  and seeing my potential in Christ.” 

Shirley David Guinto

“I learned that I need to recognize my emotions & be clear if it’s grief or fear. I was able to check if my relationships are healthy and I learned the qualities of a unhealthy relationship. Blessings Ms. Toni, I really appreciate your HEART desire to reach out for us to become godly Influential leader & godly homemaker. More blessed time with you!” 

Grace Lagrimas

“ Before the program, I was not emotionally and mentally well. It affected my physical health and my relationship with others. Also, I was spiritually down. PWOR gave me a sense of self-awareness. I had the time to reflect on my current status and to respond and recover by God's grace. And that all the learning must be put to action.

Ms. Toni, thank you. You have reached me at the right time. At times that I am down and lost, He sends people like you to remind me of my worth...that I am His child and I am dearly loved.”

Lavella D. Tolentino

“One of the most important things that I really need to improve on is my relationship with the Lord. I was so worried that I want to take my problems in my own hands. As a result, I have neglected the important things because I was to busy with work and became more stressed. I wasn't trusting Him.

Thanks to this course, I realized that I need to accept that there are things that we cannot control and I let go and trust God. I also realized that I need to identify and arrange my priorities properly- important versus urgent. I also realized that negative emotions caused by stress can have a significant impact on our health.”

Crystal Sabido

“It was an eye-opener for me to see and accept that some areas in my life need attention. Awareness is the first step in creating radical changes.”

Sheila Vibal

  “With this course, I learned it’s important to understand yourself more. The Re-evaluation and REalization is SUPERB. It made me revisit my personal heart towards God and towards other people.”

Dannes Serrano

“Dear Ms. Toni, thank you for your heartfelt coaching. It was such a blessing to have enrolled in your course. Your passion in giving value is an inspiration. May God bless you more a thousand fold.” 

Amabel Palangyos

“I thank God  for how he has used Ms. Toni, her story & her program to reach many people including me. I appreciate her efforts & her genuine love. May she continue to bless people as she is blessed herself.”

Maybelle Chua

“I thank God for your life and inspiration. God’s radiance reflects truly in your eyes and heart. You are truly a blessing for those who are wounded and lost. Continue to be a God’s Radiant agent. More power and God bless you more.” 

Maricor E. Domagtoy

“You are really a blessing! I've long been wanting to create a personal brand but what stopped me from doing so and from taking classes from other speakers is that I felt that they couldn't help me factor in my identity as God's child. As you may know, the corporate culture mostly wants complete separation from anything that has to do with "religion". Thank for offering this class. It is firmly grounded on biblical principles and anchored on the true and only strong anchor, God! May God continue to bless and use you.” 

Hazel Guardian

“May I take this opportunity ton thank you for your great effort in helping us hone/develop our personality. Please continue being brutally honest in helping others. You are such a blessing, may you not get tired of doing your passion for the glory of God.”

Greg Balleta

“Thank you Ms. Toni for sharing your knowledge and experience to us wholeheartedly, I salute you, more people lives will transform emotionally and spiritually, God Bless you and your family.”

Christian Aguilar

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