Professional Image Development Program for the Project Leasing Group of JLL – Jones Lang LaSalle Phils Inc.

When your image is of consistently high standard, you project a sharper message of: Quality, Responsibility and Success.

– Toni Miranda

The message above was one of the most valuable insights my attendees took home after the Professional Image Development Program I conducted for the Sales Group and Department Heads of Jones Lang Lasalle Philippines Inc.’s Project Leasing Group. JLL is a commercial real estate and commercial property management group.

The workshop took place on April 6 and 19, two half-day sessions, at Regus Netpark in BGC. The participants ranged in age from mid 20’s to early 30’s. Most of them perform sales functions for project leasing, which means that they interact frequently with owners of buildings and high caliber clients.

During the sessions, I worked with them towards the goal of transforming their Sales Group and Department Heads in terms of credibility and influence, improving their executive presence and confidence, in order to deal well with their high-level clients from varying industries, as well as their co-employees and subordinates. On the first day, we focused on Image Management, Basic Etiquette, and Communication Skills. Day two was dedicated to Executive Presence and Comprehensive Communication Skills, both verbal and non-verbal.

I was happy to learn from the participants that this was something that they had not learned about before. I specifically designed this program to empower them and help them develop the necessary mindset to put ideas into action, using innovative image tools.

My focus was really for them to start developing an executive presence perspective. I wanted to build on skills and traits like influence and persuasiveness, leadership, commitment to attaining goals and objectives, enhanced interpersonal relationships, and the ability to achieve maximum results. Through this, attendees would be enabled to make the vision of their organization more clearly visible to others.

The approach we used was a positive one, engaging, and equally informative and interactive. The sessions promised to unleash a more well-rounded personal and professional presence in the attendees, with a greatly enhanced visual brand image, and stronger appearance, behavior and communication skills.

I was pleased to see that the participants really learned a lot from their time with me that day. There was a visible increase in their self-confidence at the end of the workshop, and this can result in a heightened responsiveness to both clients and work associates. This can also enable them to more effectively represent the company they work for, giving them a competitive advantage in the industry.

Through the professional image enhancement that they gained form the workshop, participants could also become more service-oriented. Being internally confident allows them to shift the attention outwards, towards the needs of others. With this, an enhanced potential for promotion and professional growth is also gained, as they become truly valuable members of their work community, who are able to distinguish themselves better during performance reviews and interviews.

Here’s a quick recap of my Professional Image Module for JLL.

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