Building Inspiring Parent and Teacher Images at Tiong Se Academy

When it comes to the education and formation of children, it is beneficial for parents and teachers to work hand in hand. Beyond the lessons and wisdom that they possess, the way these teachers and parents are perceived by the children matter, too. Because kids are so impressionable, the image of the parents and teachers that surround them must be able to fuel their aspirations and inspirations.

To have been given the chance to help build and hone the images of the parents and teachers of Tiong Se Academy (TSA) was truly a blessing. This wonderful opportunity came last November 24, 2017, when I was invited by my friend, Alice Ngo of the YGC, to be a resource speaker at the school.

Founded in April 1899, TSA is the first and oldest Filipino-Chinese school in the Philippines. Formerly known as Anglo-Chinese School, this non-sectarian learning academy offers Nursery to Senior High School classes. Their mission is to provide an excellent and socially relevant education, instill the values of social awareness and responsibility among their student body, and promote the Filipino-Chinese spirit within every individual and family.

Over the past 10 years, the YGC ministry has taught character and values classes to the students and parents of Tiong Se Academy. The YGC would share Christian values and the gospel with them, with the intention of discipling them when they come to the Youth Center of YGC. This is why my friend, Alice, was involved in the activity, which she invited me to be part of.

On the day of the seminar, I was asked to park at the YGC building, and from there I was brought via van to TSA, together with their Principal, Ms. Margarita Gutierrez. I was scheduled to speak to the parents at 9:00 AM, and then to the teachers at 1:30 PM.

My session for the morning was The Image of a Parent: Parent’s Enrichment Seminar. Moms, a few dads, and even some grandparents were in attendance. The afternoon session was entitled The Image of a Teacher: Teacher’s Development Seminar, and the attendees were young teachers in their 20’s. Both groups were absolutely fantastic, and eager to learn, and I couldn’t wait to teach them the appropriate image and branding to have inside and outside of the school, and as persons, inside and out.

My talk seemed to speak straight to their hearts, directly pointing out what was causing their struggles and loss of confidence. I was able to share with them one big big secret on how they can develop their self-confidence, and carry out their day-to-day tasks as parents and teachers with ease.

In between the sessions we had a potluck lunch celebration.  It was a full day, and yet it felt like there wasn’t enough time for us to cover everything. If only we could, the attendees would have wanted to extend our session.

I admit, it was pretty tiring, but I was ready and energetic each time I stood in front of my audience. The quick nap I took in Ms. Gutierrez’ office during lunch helped, but truly, it was God who sustained my voice and my energy throughout the day. What I love about the power of God is that He takes over my preparation, enabling words of wisdom to come out of me. I cannot explain how, but through Him, I am able to find the perfect words to touch the hearts of the audience. All glory to GOD for equipping and enabling me!

After the talk, even I felt empowered due to the encouraging feedback. Though my talk was short, participants said they were inspired. After the event I even received some heartwarming and encouraging messages in the Radiance Image Facebook Page as well as on my Toni Miranda Ph Page.

Here’s a quick video that can show you how my day with the parents and teachers of TSA went.

I cannot stress enough how important image is for both parents and teachers. Their personal brands are powerful tools in molding the characters of the children around them. The impact and imprint they make  influences how the children act, speak and behave, and reflects the family and school to which the parents and teachers belong.

Just as a company would want to manage the personal brands of their employees, so should educational institutions. The teachers’ appearance, clothing, manners, body language, tone of voice, methods and styles, personality, strategies, use of technology, and even their students’ test scores, come together to create the school’s personal brand. Believe me, this brand is going to be discussed, shared, and examined by students, and by other people both online and offline.

Do you want to help the teachers and parents of your school with their personal brands, and develop them into good ambassadors and models for your institution and the children in it? We can help you do this through our professional image and personal branding programs. School managers and staff as well as parents can certainly unleash their optimum potential and achieve new heights through the power of image branding. Visit us at today to learn how.

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